General Audition Information

Singer/Actors please see the information on the Audition Dates page.


GARY MUSICK PRODUCTIONS is proud to produce top rated shows for cruise ships that travel around the globe. These ships range from state-of-the-art theaters built to accommodate lavish Broadway-style musical productions to intimate venues. They sail to ports-of-call throughout the world in places like the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada/New England, The Baltic Region, Bermuda, the Mediterranean and South America.



PASSPORT:American and Canadian citizens must have an up-to-date passport that is valid through the duration of the contract. All fees associated with obtaining or renewing a passport are covered by the performer.International citizens will need a passport valid through the duration of the contract and will be required obtaining a C1-D Visa through the nearest U.S. embassy. All fees associated with obtaining a C1-D visa are the responsibility of the performer.MEDICAL EXAM:Upon hiring, all crew are required to have a physical. This will be at each cast members expense and are not reimbursable by the cruise line or Gary Musick Productions. We will provide the proper forms to take to a doctor for this physical. This exam includes a physical, blood work, chest x-ray and drug screen.


Vocal performers are experienced professionals who can perform in a variety of musical styles. Although dance experience is not a requirement, the vocalists need to be comfortable with basic stage movement.

Vocalists fall into these basic categories:

  • High soprano with some classical training and excellent Broadway/pop styling
  • Mezzo/alto with excellent Broadway/pop styling who can belt.
  • High tenor with strong pop and R&B stylings
  • Tenor/baritone with strong musical theater background
  • Tenor/baritone with strong musical theater, some classical training


The dancers are professionally trained in a variety of styles and have a love of performing. All shows demand a proficiency in tap and jazz. Special sections may also require ballet, gymnastics, adagio and pointe. 


Most contracts are for a term of six months with competitive salaries. Rehearsals are paid and conducted in Nashville, TN for 3—4 weeks, then 1—2 weeks aboard ship.




  • Prepare a ballad and an up-tempo selection in the styles that best represent your vocal ability.
  • You may be asked to sing selections from some of our shows (music available at the audition).
  • You may be asked to cold read from the script of one or more of the shows.
  • A pianist (please have sheet music in your key) and CD/cassette player will be provided.
  • Singers may be asked to return for a callback to include dance movement.
  • Please bring a picture and resume or C.V.


  • Our choreographer will teach challenging combinations including jazz, tap and modern.
  • Please bring a picture and resume or C.V.


We highly encourage you to attend a live audition. However, if you are unable to, you may apply by video.

Here is what we will be looking for in your video:

General Auditions for Musical Reviews:

Singers should include both a ballad and an up-tempo. Our shows range from Broadway standards to contemporary and classic pop to operatic arias, so a selection from any of those genres is appropriate. Clips of past performances are welcome. Performance energy and your ability to “sell” are also reviewed. Recommended maximum length of video is 8 minutes.

General Auditions for Musical Reviews:

Dancers should demonstrate an excellent grasp of dance performance from basic fundamentals to difficult combinations. All styles of dance are incorporated into our shows, particularly jazz, ballet and tap. Demonstration of basics such as jetes, pique turns, split leaps, chaine turns, and battements are critical. Tap is also a required skill. Specialty work such as pointe work, adage and tumbling are also very desirable. Clips of past performances are welcome, but please avoid submissions that are solely comprised of competition work and/or performance clips. Performance energy, personality and your ability to “sell” are also reviewed. Recommended maximum length of video is 5 minutes.


… Don’t forget to include your headshot and resumé or C.V.

… Don’t forget to label each piece of material you include with your name and contact info.

… Do NOT contact us to see if your package has been received. We will email you with confirmation of receipt.

… Do NOT contact us to ask if your video has been reviewed. Due to the high volume of material we handle it is impossible to speak to everyone. We will contact you if you are selected for casting consideration.

… and finally, don’t forget to include your phone number and email.

Please send a non-returnable videotape (VHS preferred), CDV or DVD with picture and resumé or C.V. to:

885 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN, USA, 37210